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Despite all claims of wanting to be good neighbors, and some local grant money designed to win or buy hearts and minds, the true colors of the Constitution Pipeline (CP) project remain highly visible.  It is a fact that many landowners, some full time residents and some not, have refused to grant permission for their property to be surveyed.  It is also a fact that the maps included in the construction alignment sheets and in the recently distributed Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) clearly identify the property of those landowners who have granted survey permission and those who have not.  The former appear in black lettering on the drawings, the latter appear in red. Not too difficult to interpret one would think.

Apparently this basic information is not being communicated to the CP survey crews working in the Town of Davenport, and possibly elsewhere, on March 14; or it is being ignored. Three individuals identifying themselves as working for CP attempted to trespass on land on Brick House (Hill) Road- land they do not have permission to survey.  Their statements that they did have permission are not true. That fact was verified yet again with a phone call to the landowner.

Does anyone really believe that trained surveyors are unable to read simple information depicted on maps of the project area and pipeline route?


Rachel Goff