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At the November 18 meeting of the Town Board, the results of a recent survey of landowners in the Town of Davenport were presented by students at Hartwick College who designed the survey and tabulated the responses.  The mail survey was conducted at the request of the Town Board and Supervisor, following up on concerns expressed by residents at a number of prior Board meetings.  A total of 1.353 surveys were sent to landowners, and 559 responses were received and tabulated.  Nearly 63% of respondents opposed fracking, 28% favored it, while almost 10 % were undecided or had no opinion. Thus, by a more than two to one margin respondents were opposed to fracking occurring within the Town’s borders.   Some of the reasons expressed for opposing fracking included concerns about the environment, potential adverse impacts to water supplies, health and safety concerns, and devaluation of property.  A written report describing the study and results will be prepared by the students, who performed this survey as part of a class project.

Previously Davenport landowners also expressed strong opposition to the Constitution Pipeline, and the Town Board and Supervisor submitted a written comment to FERC stating the Board’s formal opposition to the construction of the pipeline within the Town of Davenport.  The will of the people on these matters has been expressed very clearly. Efforts to oppose the Constitution Pipeline (and any other pipelines) need to continue, and the Town Board must now begin the process of adopting regulations that will prohibit fracking.  The time to act is now! Residents of other local towns and their respective Town Boards, are you listening?