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by: Rachel Goff

At the July 16, 2013 meeting of the Davenport Town Board results of a mail survey of town residents conducted by the Board were released.  The results showed strong opposition to the Constitution Pipeline.  More than 75% of the survey respondents were opposed to the pipeline, and the percentage of those opposed swelled to 87% considering only landowners who were aware of being on the preferred or potential alternate routes.   Principal stated reasons for opposition to the pipeline included concerns about safety; property value and insurance impacts; and environmental effects such as forest fragmentation, pollution or wetlands impacts or reduction in the quality of life. In a separate vote of members of the Town Board present at the meeting, 80% opposed construction of the Constitution Pipeline.

Despite the ongoing efforts of the sponsors of the Constitution Pipeline to win local support for the project, those efforts have failed in the Town of Davenport. The message is clear: Constitution Pipeline, you are not wanted here.