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Kudos to the Davenport Town Board and Supervisor Dennis Valente for sending a clear, sharply worded resolution to FERC stating opposition to the Constitution Pipeline. Further, the resolution states that any actions by Constitution Pipeline to route the line through the Town of Davenport will meet vigorous opposition.  Better late than never, Supervisor Valente!  The resolution points out what many landowners and residents of various towns along the pipeline route have voiced for months: the pipeline is a threat to the area’s rural non-industrial character; to the quality of life in this part of New York State, and poses potential hazards to citizens along the proposed route if the pipeline is built.  Perhaps most surprising of all, the resolution notes that the tax revenue to the Town, a theme trumpeted by pipeline supporters including the talking heads on Constitution’s payroll, will be far less than the social and economic damage that would follow the pipeline’s construction.  Approximately 128 properties in the Town of Davenport would be crossed by the pipeline based on the route laid out in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The message is clear: the Town’s elected officials and its residents do not want this pipeline. FERC, are you listening?

--Rachel Goff