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Posted on July 18, 2013


  1. NO future pipelines or other utilities will be allowed.
  2. Only gas can be transported, no tar sands or other liquids.
  3. FERC’s policy is to listen to landowners – the more NO’s, the more likely FERC will deny the certificate of public convenience and necessity.
  4. Constitution loses its bargaining tool when eminent domain is seen as better for you.
  5. You will still get paid something – perhaps more then they offered you.
  6. You have NO liability.
  7. You preserve your right to sue them later, in a class action for a taking of your land.
  8. And most important -- STP gains political power when significant numbers of landowners refuse to sign, possibly blocking the pipeline altogether. Faced with having to use Eminent Domain on hundreds of landowners, "CONstitution" may back down and quit.