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Homeowners have expressed concerns about the possible impact of the Constitution Pipeline project on their ability to obtain or maintain their insurance (and at what cost).  This issue was raised at several of the FERC scoping sessions, and in a number of comments sent to FERC about the pipeline project.  While the questions and concerns remain, answers continue to be elusive as evidenced by the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) released by FERC.  FERC staff   attempted to research this topic by calling insurance agencies in the project area, inquiring about how an insurance policy might be affected by this project. 

The result? The insurance company contacts could not provide any specific information about how policies may be affected.   Undaunted, perhaps, the FERC staff then wrote to 5 major insurance companies seeking answers from their corporate offices.  How did this work out?  In the DEIS (Section 4, page 143) FERC wrote “Despite repeated attempts at follow-up, to date only one response has been received and the contact stated that they could not provide the information we requested.”  Are you kidding-not even FERC can get answers?

Not to worry though, FERC is recommending that Constitution Pipeline file reports of any affected landowner complaints about their homeowner’s policies and efforts to mitigate impacts during construction and for 2 years thereafter. 

So, not even FERC can get information and answers to what would seem to be very straightforward questions that are vitally important to potentially affected landowners.  Maybe they could take a field trip to Kentucky and check in on the folks who lost their homes to a gas pipeline explosion last week?  I expect there is some relevant information that could be obtained there!

(Please see independant research that does find negative impact to property owners here.)