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"I-88" alternative to the proposed Constitution Pipeline

The proposed "I-88" alternative route to the proposed Constitution Pipeline is NOT actually in the I-88 easement. Along the entire route, it appears to run to the south of the interstate, and makes a diversion into Delaware County in order to avoid Oneonta. This change affects a whole new group of landowners. Please reach out to them as soon as possible.

There will be an "Open House" in Oneonta on September 13th, and we need to be there in force to talk to them.I'll try to describe the route through Otsego County. The proposed route (alternative M) enters the county about a mile to the SW of Otego, and continues to the NE, just south of the highway. About a mile before Oneonta, it goes E, then SE, into Davenport, taking it about 5 miles S of I-88. Just to the W of Davenport Center it shoots N on what looks like Webb Hill, and rejoins I-88 in Maryland, about 3 miles E of Colliersville. It then follows the highway through Schenevus, Worcester, and E. Worcester, and then enters Schoharie County, and runs through Richmondville and Cobleskill.

It's critical that people in Otsego County get up to speed - fast - on this issue. Allegra Schecter is CAUD's representative on the steering committee of the Constitution Pipeline. Please reach out to her, and others from CAUD, who have been active participants over the summer.

Please talk with all the landowners you can and get them involved here. Speed is essential, as you need to reach them before they give permission to have their land surveyed.

Also, we need to make sure that people do not start fighting amongst themselves, as that is what Williams and Cabot is counting on happening. Creating divisiveness is how they win.

It is not a choice between the original proposed route and the I-88 alternative. First, there is no REAL need for this pipeline. However, if we lose that battle, there are alternatives along existing interstate gas pipeline easements, and FERC has told Williams to study them. But they will need to be dragged there, kicking and screaming, as their real motive is to frack this area.