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Posted on January 1, 2014

Bruce Baxter, Bainbridge, NY.

I was a proponent of the Constitution Pipeline since its inception.  And thought it was a great thing for the area. But after dealing with the people from the gas company, I have come to the realization they only care about the stockholders and wall street.

First of all I gave permission for them to survey my land. Turns out my personal property was stolen on the same day of one of the gas company visit. Then I get a letter offering me what amounts to 1/2 a years taxes to relinquish my development and farming rights on MY land for the rest of my life with NO further compensation and I would still be liable for the taxes for EVER.  And I mean FOREVER due to, who in their RIGHT mind will EVER buy my land due to the TICKING TIMEBOMB. My insurance has already told me I will be dropped after 30 plus years.

As for JOB CREATION. What a joke, the gas company will bring in TEMPORARY workers to build. And then hire 1 engineer to oversee this pipeline. So there actually will be ZERO LOCAL JOBS created.

And then to top it off. The LOCALS will be saddled with being the first responders (not if, but) WHEN the pipe BLOWS UP.

This project is being touted as a Transmission line by the gas company to be able to use EMINENT DOMAIN. So they can literally steal our land for the good of wall street. When actually this should have been sold as a FEEDER LINE. (this was told to me by a project manager when he thought I sold my gas rights) Due to the fact that it is a prerequisite to drilling in NY. But if they tout it as a feeder line, It would be EXEMPT from eminent domain and the gas company would have to pay more for DESTROYING PROPERTY VALUES, not only for the people who own the property where easements will be, but for all.

As when MY property value goes down, everyone elses must go up to compensate.

You can live without natural gas, but cannot live without FOOD AND CLEAN WATER.  DONT SELL US FARMERS OUT FOR WALL STREET

Bruce Baxter
Bainbridge NY