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When Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee, said that "legitimate rape" doesn't cause pregnancy, we were floored. As follow-up statements by scientists and physicians made clear, the Congressman was bending the truth to fit his political viewpoint.  In fact, his assertions about female biology are at odds with the laws of nature themselves.  
Magical thinking and a refusal to listen to science are not confined to the topic of birth control.  They also infect the public discussion on fracking.  Many renowned scientists, including Drs. Ron Bishop, Robert Howarth, Anthony Ingraffea and Sandra Steingraber, have brought forth evidence showing that fracking can contaminate water and air, and is at least as bad for the climate as coal. They show us that real science comes to the conclusions that the data presents.  Fracking is dangerous: There is no debate. 
On August 27, come to the Don't Frack NY rally in Albany to stand with thousands of others against these industry lies.
We are running out of time to turn our legitimate concerns, based on real science, into a fracking ban.  On Sunday, CBS News reported that New York will move ahead with fracking just after Labor Day; a day later Governor Cuomo said no final decision has been made.  All indications are that we have one last chance to make our case. We need you, and everyone who can, to attend the Don't Frack NY rally in Albany on August 27.  
Whether you’re an anti-fracking movement veteran or you have never attended a rally, this is the one you can't miss.  There will be two full days of training on Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26. They will include speeches and strategy discussions, with some excellent networking opportunities thrown in.  Monday is the main event. It will include an 11am pledge ceremony followed by a huge march and rally; if you haven't yet signed the pledge of resistance, you can do so here.  You can use the ride and housing board to find transportation resources, including buses.
This is our time.  This is our movement.  Join us as scientists, farmers, doctors, artists, teachers, faith leaders, business owners, elected officials, and everyday citizens from upstate to downstate stand united in saying "Don't Frack NY!