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New York is just one U.S. state leading grassroots efforts to keep Big-Gas and Big-Oil pipelines from destroying its farms, ranches, forests and state parks. Check out this recent inspiring New York Times story about a group of Nebraska citizens fighting their own pipeline – the Keystone XL.

Constitution Pipeline
2. No environmental impacts? What about these?

No environmental impacts? What about these?

FERC DEIS fracking Constitution Pipeline Pipeline
3. New York DEC says Pipelines = Fracking

Even the DEC says Pipelines = Fracking

NYS DEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)
FERC DEIS fracking Constitution Pipeline Pipeline
4. Tomgram: Ellen Cantarow, The Frontlines of Fracking

Ellen Cantarow's article about the UNconstitutional pipeline has been cross-posted around the world.

Read the complete text here.

Constitution Pipeline
5. Davenport Residents Say No to Constitution Pipeline!

by: Rachel Goff

Despite the ongoing efforts of the sponsors of the Constitution Pipeline to win local support for the project, those efforts have failed in the Town of Davenport. The message is clear: Constitution Pipeline, you are not wanted here.

Constitution Pipeline Town of Davenport survey results
6. Landowners deny permission for pipeline surveys

Landowners Deny Permission for Constitution Pipeline Surveys according

Constitution Pipeline survey permission eminent domain FERC
7. Slowing the march of the Constitution Pipeline

Constitution Pipeline Application to be Delayed

Constitution Pipeline eminent domain FERC

Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7