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The Constitution Pipeline Corporation (CPC) announced community grants of nearly $300,000 according to a December 21, 2012 article in the Oneonta Daily Star.  These grants, while paying for a number of worthwhile projects in communities  within the footprint of one or more of the proposed pipeline routes, are in essence a means by which CPC hopes to buy public support for this controversial project.  Recipients of the grants include several local volunteer fire departments, the Sidney Boys and Girls Club, and the Scho-Wright Ambulance Service. Opponents of the pipeline project including Anne Marie Garti of East Meredith and others recognize these grants as a tactic by which CPC seeks to improve upon its poor record of securing local support for this project.  As noted in the article appearing in The Daily Star, hundreds of people spoke against the proposed pipeline during the FERC scoping sessions held earlier this year, while only modest numbers spoke in favor of it.  Pipeline opponents see this public relations gesture for what it is. Those who have yet to take a position on this project should not be unduly influenced by the sprinkling of what amounts to token amounts of money by CPC.  If this were an election, one might conclude this tactic is designed to buy your vote.