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Resistance to the Constitution Pipeline has just become more urgent.  For more than a year, citizens along the proposed route of the pipeline from Brooklyn Township in Pennsylvania to Schoharie County in New York have been organizing to fight the Williams Company who want to build it. 

Until now the project has been in what is called by FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) the “pre-filing stage.”  On June 14, however, the Constitution Pipeline Company filed their application for a FERC “Certificate of Public convenience and necessity.”  

FERC, by giving public notice June 26th, 2013, opened the door for those opposing the project to become official intervenors, but only until July 17th, 2013.   

From now on, we are fighting not just to educate the public; we are fighting for our lives and properties.

One of the most important tools we citizens have is to file with FERC as intervenors before July 17.  Even without filing an intervention, you can make comments to FERC, but intervention has several benefits and no obligations or risks. 

  • If you want to preserve your legal rights and your property rights, become an intervenor!  
  • If you think that the pipeline will bring fracking  and heavy industry to our rural area, become an intervenor!  
  • If you agree that the lands and waterways through which the pipeline will pass are too precious to risk or if you agree that the pipeline will cause property values to collapse and think you might like to sue the company for the full value of your property, become an intervenor!  

As an intervenor, you will have legal standing to challenge FERC’s decisions and, if you choose, to join together with others to be heard by the Court of Appeals if you object to FERC’s final order.

You don’t have to be a directly affected landowner to intervene.  Any person––affected landowner, unaffected landowner, local resident or simply a citizen of the USA, because we are all affected––can intervene with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Without citizen participation, there is no democracy!  We repeat: you must file to intervene by July 17.  Read more here on how and why to INTERVENE.

For information on how to intervene, please go to  If you have not already registered with FERC you will find there links and instructions to do that as well.    

Whether or not you are in the direct line of the pipeline, comments from an affected Davenport landowner, Bob Lidsky, deserve your careful reading.  Bob explains how the pipeline company pressures landowners and why he has decided to embrace eminent domain rather than become a partner with the company. 

We need you to take action. You have only until July 17th to INTERVENE.