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As the proposed Constitution Pipeline (CP) enters its third year of delays and opposition, a SECOND high-pressure transmission line was proposed in late May along nearly the same route as CP.

What is it and who’s behind it?  The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) is proposing a 296-mile-long pipeline called the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct Project (NED).TGP is owned by Kinder Morgan, the third largest energy company in North America.

Where would it be?  Like CP, NED would begin in Susquehanna County, PA, and would more or less parallel CP to Wright, NY. The line would include two new compressor stations: one in Delaware County, the other in Schoharie County. From Wright, NY, the pipeline would run east, across northern Massachusetts, to Dracut, MA, a little north of Boston.

What is its purpose?  Like CP, NED would transport fracked gas to the East Coast and Canada for export overseas, where natural gas commands triple the price as it does in the US, resulting in skyrocketing profits for its parent company (Kinder Morgan in this case) and its investors. A small portion of NED’s gas would go to gas-fired electric-power-generator facilities in New England. (Note that PA and NY are not part of New England.)

Who will pay for TGP?  Everyone who uses electricity in New England. Despite the fact that much of NED’s gas would be sold overseas, Kinder Morgan and the governors of six New England states have proposed a tariff on everyone who uses electricity to underwrite a portion of the $6 billion cost for this energy-export project.

What can we do to stop it?