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In early June, the US Court of Appeals ruled that segmentation of pipeline projects is unlawful. One way that pipeline companies attempt to make massive and far-reaching pipeline projects appear less disruptive is by presenting them to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in several small “segments,” claiming that these segments are unrelated to one another.

The Court of Appeals ruling stated that the FERC’s environmental review of a recent upgrade project by TGP was unlawfully segmented and therefore failed to adequately address the cumulative impacts of the entire pipeline project. Thus, FERC violated federal laws governing environmental reviews. This decision could have significant effects on the build-out of future pipelines and fracking infrastructure. For more details, check out this press release.

In response to the decision, the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic submitted a letter to FERC on behalf of STP regarding segmentation and the cumulative impacts of TGP's proposed NED pipeline. It requested that the cumulative impacts from both projects (CP and NED) be studied now. To view the letter, click here: