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Step-by-Step instructions for eFiling comments on the DEIS

Want to submit a document to FERC on the DEIS? This page will help you with Step-byStep instructions.

Step 1) If you already have a FERC ID, please proceed to step 2 below, then click the 'step tabs' to see each additional step.
If you don’t have a FERC ID, eRegister at Do the "FULL" registration (so you can eFile), then come back to these instructions.

  • Go online to and Log In:

  • Click on the second item -- eFiling -- on the list:

  • Click "General" in column 1; Click "Comment (on Filing)" in column 2; Then Click Next:

  • Enter Docket Number CP13-499. Then Click Search:

  • Click on the blue '+':

  • Once the Docket Number appears in the box on the bottom, click on Next:

  • Click Choose File (or Browse) – different browsers (e.g. Chrome or Firefox) have different buttons:Then browse to the folder with the file of your FERC comment (e.g. a .TXT file, a Word .DOC or a .PDF) and highlight the file name and click “Open”.

  • When your file name (e.g . “FERC-COMMENT.txt”) appears on the screen, type “Comment of” + your name, and then click Upload:

  • After the upload is complete, the screen will look like this. Then click Next:

  • Click on the Individual Button, then click Next:

  • Type in your email (the one you used to register with FERC), then Click Add as Signer. When your email address appears in the box at the bottom, click Next:When you click "next," there is one last "Submit" button. Click "Submit" and you’re done. Congratulations!


DEIS commenting Step-by-Step instructions
Click to download and print
Printable quide to writing comments to FERC on the DEIS

This printable instruction sheet will help you with Step-byStep instructions.