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Anyone can submit comments.
You do not have to intervene to comment.

Go to:

Click on the eComment button, which takes you to an authorization page.

Enter your name and email address, and type in the "authorization" letters / numbers that appear.

Click on authorize.

FERC will send you an email.

Click on the link in the email.

It will lead to a page on the FERC website with your name and email filled in.

In the field for "Enter Docket Number"  type CP13-499 (No Spaces)
Click on the Search button and wait a moment for a response.
Click on the blue cross in the far right column under the heading labelled "Select"

A box for entering the comment appears. It lets you enter up to 6000 characters.
It's best if you type up your comment before, and just copy and paste it into this box.

Click on Send Comment

FERC will send you an email confirming receipt of your comment.