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The deadline for making this motion ended on July 17, 2013

To Intervene, you must first Register.
NOTE: eComment does not work with Internet Explorer v10. If you use IE10, please download/use Google Chrome instead.

For instructions on how to eRegister, go to:

To intervene, you can either submit a document as an eFiling,
      or use FERC's “(doc-less) Motion to Intervene"

An individual, organization, business, or municipality can intervene.

Go to
Click on “DOCUMENTS & FILINGS” on the top menu bar
Then click on “eFiling”
Click on the Log-in button.
(You will need your registered email address and password to log-in.)
After you login, click the “eFiling” link.

Under “Filing Type” choose “General” in the first column.
Among the choices that appear in the second column, choose “Intervention”.
Among the choices that appear in the third column, choose “(doc-less) Motion to Intervene”
     or choose "Motion to Intervene" if you want to submit a file.
Click the “Next” button.

A search form appears. Search for docket no: CP13-499
A listing for Docket “CP13-499-000” should appear.
Click on the blue plus sign in the right column under “Select”.
“CP13-499-000” should now appear under the “Selected Dockets” listing.
      "Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience . . . "
Click the “Next” button.

You are now prompted for a “Document-less Intervention Description”.
Fill in reasons why you or your organization is a stakeholder in this matter.
Click the “Next” button.

Specify whether you are filing as an Individual, or on behalf of another party.
Click the “Next” button.

Specify who should get email notices.
Add yourself as a “Signer”.
Click the “Next” button.

A draft Submission Description appears.
Click the “Next” button to accept the default, or change it.